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 CA Courts?  It's lame to uphold referendums when they deprive a demographic of its basic human rights and dignity.  LAME.  
This should be splashed across the headlines, but it's currently being overshadowed by Obama's Supreme Court nominee.  

I console myself with the idea that the socially progressive future will look back on this bullshit and laugh.  That social equality is a relentless movement that will not be stopped by a few speed bumps on the road toward harmony.

Here's Midnighter (of the Authority) having a similar realization:
Hey, can you hear me in the Bible Belt--?Collapse )

Watchmen minutae realization

Spoilertastic if you don't know what Ozy did 35 minutes agoCollapse )

I'm sure someone somewhere has realized and pointed this out looong before me, but I was browsing earlier this morning and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'm still not over it.  It's so damn eerie.

The Coon

Guys?  Go watch the South Park superhero-parody episode The Coon.  Nods to a couple movies, but especially spoofing Batman.  Please also note the TDK-aped background music!  XD

(All the usual content warnings about South Park apply to this episode so... yeah.  But hilarious.)

Batman seeks deep, meaningful LTR

Though it violates my slashtastic standards, I found this quite amusing nonetheless. 

Edit:  Also, my daily Batman-research kick led me to this interesting article about how Bruce Wayne is the mask.  It included really intriguing references to two outside sources I want to track down.  First, an article of Batman Beyond where a sonically-powered villain is trying to drive the aged/retired Bruce Wayne crazy, but fails because it keeps calling him "Bruce" and Bruce says "that's not what I call myself in my head."  Second, near the end of Gaiman's Sandman (which I read a few years ago) in The Wake lots of super and comic book heroes are gathered around, talking to each other.  They are in the Dreaming, where you appear as you picture yourself in your own mind.  You'd think it would be Superman/Kal-El talking to Bruce Wayne... but instead you get Clark Kent talking to Batman. 

Leave Superman alone in a room and he defaults to Clark Kent; leave Bruce Wayne alone in a room and he defaults to Batman.  I've been finding this pair increasingly opposite and touching... the alien metahuman who defaults to his inner happy human and the tortured badass normal who defaults to his cultivated inner demon. 

The More You Know...

Guys?  There actually is a smiley face on Mars.

"Batman is no more gay than Wonder Woman is into bondage or the Flash is into red latex." -Terry Moore

For anyone who likes gorgeous pictures of muscle-y, naked men posing together, for the love of God check out these calendar pics of some crazy European rugby team.  Nnnnngh.

In Watchmen news, this crazy conservative lady rails against how freaking violent and sex-saturated the movie is.  (I can't wait.  XD)  Her ostensible point is that you shouldn't bring your li'l kiddies to see this movie (that's why it's rated R, durrr).  Then again, I did see some parents with young kids and toddlers (!!!) in TDK, so maybe that actually needs to be said.  Still, the whole zomg America is so corrupt and violent, these superheroes aren't even superheroes is... kind of the point of the comic and the movie, lady.  Sheesh.

Also, plz to check out the best photoshop contest ever: 104 ways to hilariously ruin the watchmen moive.
My faves being here and here.

Be merciful...

Zomg, I wrote a fic-let.
It's short and unbeta-ed and hopefully doesn't suck.  It also took me disproportionately long to write.  Woo!

Title:  A Short Manifesto
Author: slicensmile
Prompt:  Bad Luck
Word Count:  622
Pairings:  implied Batman/Joker
Disclaimer:  I own nothing and I'm broke, so don't bother suing. 
Rating: Meh, PG-13
Warnings:  Language, violence, implied violent slash, nihilism, overuse of italics
Summary:  J grandstanding to a(n imaginary) audience

P.S.  Also, don't hate me for being on Team Knight.  Deep down my heart belongs to the baddies and y'all know it.  XD

About the Batmobile...

Sweet essay about how ridiculous it is that Batman drives such a high-profile car.

If you're a creature of the night, would you drive around in a really distinctive car with loud pipes or would you keep it on the down-low? You're supposed to be a Living Shadow, dude. You are the night, etc.


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